Today marks the day that became a reality.  Thanks to Squarespace, 2 uninterrupted days of dedicated photo sorting and website building plus a months supply of coffee and chocolate biscuits, I was able to get it done!

What many people don't know is that this whole Cocktail BootCamp experience began back in July 2014.  Figuring there had to be a better way to get in front of more people at the same time, I forced myself to think outside of the box.  For years now, Patrik and myself have been running Liquid Engineers with a large part of our days taken up with small, intimate cocktail courses.  Usually 10-20 people come to our hidden bar and we teach the finer points of cocktail culture and everyone gets a chance to rotate into the bar and mix their drinks.  These course are and have been fantastic, both for us, our partners and our guests who join us.  But at some point, the feeling of "how can I do more" becomes so overpowering you just need to take an axe to everything and start from scratch.  

Reinventing a concept that already works is one of the hardest things to do.  

One of my best friends, Liora Levi (wine guru and TV superstar) really got behind the idea of Cocktail BootCamp and started talking about it to EVERYONE!  I remember asking her opinion on one of the first logos and asking her to share it with some of her friends, just to see if it made sense.  She talked so much about how fantastic Cocktail BootCamp was going to be, it actually forced me to get it done.  It forced me to get real about changing a winning formula when it came cocktail courses.  

If I was really going to stand in front of 200 people at the same time and teach them all to make 2 or 3 delicious cocktails, all at the same time, then this whole thing was going to need some serious thinking and serious commitment.

We've now pushed out many different Cocktail BootCamps and the concept has proven itself to not only be successful, but also an amazing experience for our guests.  With the show being developed and perfected, it has been great to have the support from our friends in the industry, our partners and the general public.  

The mission of changing a nation's drinking culture is going to be a long one, but it's something that I feel I have to try!  I have to do my part to help create better, more informed guests for my friends who bartend, or my friends who have just bought their own bars.  Every Cocktail BootCamp we do exposes more and more Norwegians to the fact that they can drink better, and that is what it's all about.